not your average denim

bored with your regular blue jeans? then you have got to check out some of the latest denim trends. we’re talking tuxedo styles, mixed materials and even a modern interpretation of chaps..

rag & bone/JEAN Leather Panel Skinny $595


Loulou Tuxedo Crop Super Skinny Manson – $198


R13 Leather and Blue Denim Skinny Chaps $695


think twice before you go to throw on your regular jeans on this weekend. it may be time to step your game up.


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fashion on film

matiniques new video campaign

If a pictures worth a thousand words than a video can leave you speechless. Over the years fashion has evolved so much while still remaining truly dependent on the need to market campaigns through imagery that evokes a mood the customers might want to buy. Models are set to look super human, moody, sexy, happy and a whole gammut of feelings – whatever the designer wants their customer to feel about their clothing. Until recently this feeling had to be captured in a single image – a story told in one note. With the change in media however, especially with everyone reading blogs like this one on their mobile devices, the video campaign has become relevant again. Models are being tested for how telegenic they are, not just photogenic and design houses are now able to tell a more intricate story to help drive home the mood of their collection.

I think this particular video for Matinique featuring hotty Texas Olsson is a great example of how video is being used now for the sheer purpose of creating feeling. The film doesn’t actually say anything really – it merely puts the viewer in a certain dangerous, seductive and mysterious mood (exactly what matinique wants you to feel). As with anything – where goes fashion so goes the rest of the world. Be prepared for Downy fabric softener to start sending out videos of cuddly bears dancing on rainbows before you know it.

– brother

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check out my specs

’cause i can see clearly now…

Okay, maybe not really. So, this trend… the “scholared spectacle”is everywhere and I can hardly see straight. Hardy har. No, really, it’s amazing and so fun and so mysterious. Everyone thinks you’re smarter when you put a pair of these bad boys on. Sure, it’s pointless and impractical, but nobody claimed fashion was supposed to be the alternative!

Try them in a funky color or a thick acetate or maybe a tortoiseshell with some bling on the side. Mix a pair with a glamorous gown, creating an edgy, schoolgirl vibe.


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what doesn’t papa karl do?

now he’s a cartoonist?

Apparently so. World famous designer and somewhat of a real life walking and talking cartoon himself, designer Karl Lagerfeld has signed on to be the new political cartoonist for French Elle. The designer says that despite his subject matter he plans to be A-political and will provide witty and thought provoking material. His first piece for the magazine was recently released (see below) featuring prominent French leaders wrapped in heavy scarves with the inscription “Wrap up warm, and be careful not to lose your voice”. Alright – not bad uncle Karl. The image itself is actually quite impressive. So what’s next for you – Stand up comedy?

– brother

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baby’s got a new pair of pants

or a dress… 

You know how I feel about her. I’m obsessed. Plain and simple. Stella McCartney is not only one of the best designers for the adult-sized fashionista, but the pint-sized one benefits, too. Lucky for us she’s everywhere!







You can buy online, at Saks or try Sactown’s very own, Puddles: A Children’s Shoppe, for the offspring of her infallible design mind. 😉

– sister

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…do you dare?

Valentino, Flutter Jumpsuit in red $2,290

It’s baaaaack ladies!  The return of the jumpsuit, dun dun dun! A daunting fashion choice for many, but behold, options!  Gone are the days where jumpsuits were strictly for rockstars, disco partys and mechanics.  Designers everywhere have shimmied these pieces into their collections with avengeance.  The message is clear: thou shalt rock the jumpsuit.

Alice + Olivia, Beverly One Shoulder Jumpsuit $480


Lanvin, Asymmetrical Shoulder Strap Jumpsuit $3,334


Derek Lam, Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, Halston, (I could go on, but seriously?) have taken the jumpsuit to a whole new level, and just in time for the warm weather!  We’re talking bold prints, bright colors, sleveless, belted, button down, you name it, they’ve got it for you!

Halston Heritage, Silk Georgette Jumpsuit $495


Yigal Azrouel, Ikat Printer Silk Jumpsuit $995


Day or night the jumpsuit is flawlessly chic for any woman daring enough to rock it.  So, the question is… do you dare?


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four bonus trends for spring

brother shares what’s hot at Instinct Magazine

In this month’s Spring Style Issue I brought you the skinny on the top trends and styles from the spring/summer 2012 fashion shows. Now, as promised, I’m bringing you four more bonus looks that are InTrend, and I am giving you the full low down on how to make the seemingly ridiculous become actually wearable. Some trends may be more difficult than others—but fashion wouldn’t be fun if it was easy, right? Okay, maybe it would be, but don’t worry boys. Stick around long enough and bathrobes and slippers are sure to come into style. Until then go on and take a deep breath and let’s get moving…

Read the rest of this post at Instinct.

– brother

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