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matiniques new video campaign

If a pictures worth a thousand words than a video can leave you speechless. Over the years fashion has evolved so much while still remaining truly dependent on the need to market campaigns through imagery that evokes a mood the customers might want to buy. Models are set to look super human, moody, sexy, happy and a whole gammut of feelings – whatever the designer wants their customer to feel about their clothing. Until recently this feeling had to be captured in a single image – a story told in one note. With the change in media however, especially with everyone reading blogs like this one on their mobile devices, the video campaign has become relevant again. Models are being tested for how telegenic they are, not just photogenic and design houses are now able to tell a more intricate story to help drive home the mood of their collection.

I think this particular video for Matinique featuring hotty Texas Olsson is a great example of how video is being used now for the sheer purpose of creating feeling. The film doesn’t actually say anything really – it merely puts the viewer in a certain dangerous, seductive and mysterious mood (exactly what matinique wants you to feel). As with anything – where goes fashion so goes the rest of the world. Be prepared for Downy fabric softener to start sending out videos of cuddly bears dancing on rainbows before you know it.

– brother


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