partner and spade are idiots

and i love them

I don’t know why I am so entertained by this company and their uterly ridiculous collection of over priced random items. I mean who doesn’t need a collection of photos from “not so grand openings” or a 1960’s Playboy centerfold of a girl err woman emotionally holding a teddy bear?

Maybe it’s because having style most definitely comes hand in hand with having a sense of humor. Put any one of the hand selected items I have found on new york’s Partner & Spades website in your home and you no doubt will be starting conversations left and right. So yeah, only one of these things is technically fashion – but fashion needs inspiration, so consider this your aha moment. You’re welcome.

– brother

For like 450 bucks you can have some old trophies that they will inscribe with whatever you want so that you can make up for whatever inadequacy is eating at you lately. I’m having one made that says “best abs”.

I think that this encased collection of vintage self help books is a hilarious “breakup gift” for that friend in need. Untrol?! lol. yes please.

It’s a beautiful hatchet. I can see this just hanging on the kitchen wall. In case you get a really tough cut of beef or something.

Painted ties. Cool concept – poor execution. Still endearingly cute.

The spin-able you pay bottle opener. Awesome.

finally a book that every man could use.

And finally I found this hysterical. You can pick any overpriced item from their website and the guys will take a polaroid of the item and put it in the box above and send it to the person on your behalf for a nominal sum. genius.



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