VSTR is pronounced visitor

see also – dopeness. 

I’ve got to hand it to Kelly Slater. Most celebrity fashion/product line collections are laughably typical and usually just plain annoying. In this case, the world famous surfer with the help and backing of his longtime sponsor quicksilver has come up with a piece of luggage as part of his new line VSTR that is truly unique and really pretty damn cool. This collabo with Partners & Slade is creative and fashionable. For one – I love the idea that the backpack features a detachable zip off messenger bag. You always need a messenger bag when your traveling. The problem with that truth is that nobody wants to lug an extra piece of luggage around. Problem solved. Plus, the detachable bag is pretty sweet in it’s own right. Add to this feature the fact that the bag comes with a super light weight hammock (yes i said hammock) and i really don’t have to keep writing.  $395.00

– brother


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