the world loves commuters

and so does levi’s

Damn those japanese. They always have the things that I really really want long before I can have them here in the good old u.s. of a. I’m serious. They get all the cool phones, the best sushi and now even the best versions of our iconic American denim brand. WTF levis? Do I need to become a harajuku girl just to get a little love?

Despite my frustration, I am completely ready and totally excited to get my hands on this years line of the Japanese release of their levi’s commuter brand. The line designed for style and functionality when cycling features a weatherproof sealant to keep you dry, a utility waist band for holding your U lock, reflective inseams, stretch material for mobility and even sanitizer technology to keep you from getting stanky. Sorry stanky leg enthusiasts – your moment in the sun is over.

So the not so fun part is that if you are like me and must have these – your in for a bit of a goose chase. Try looking in mid March when they’re set to release online at the japanese website , hit up one of the japanese boutiques below to put in an advance order (be prepared to test your patience and japanese language skills) or do like I do and wait until around May and start searching on e-bay. Once you’ve found success you will no doubt revel in the joys of being one of the few proud American fashionisto’s riding the streets in these mean green enviable jeans.

– brother

March 3rd to March 11th
Levi’s Store Shibuya
Beams Harajuku

March 16th to March 25th
Levi’s Store in Nagoya Parco
 on Umeda Street

March 30th to April 8th
Levi’s Store in Kobe
Beams in Fukuoka

April 13th to April 19th
Levi’s Store in Harajuku

March 16th to  April 19th

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