by far the favorite show – so far

Dean and Dan literally hit it out of the park this time. The “after school special” themed show featured some pretty out there concepts but were executed and styled in a way that literally had me jumping out of my seat – wanting to get my hands on each of the ensembles. Literally the entire show could have been placed right into my closet. Love isn’t strong enough.

Take the pic above – icelandic themed crew neck sweaters are chic? Aparently so – when fitted perfectly, given just the right amount of texture to make it interesting and done in unexpected earth tones. Check the green one below too. The whole thing is phenom, I had to share a few of my favorites. Well done guys. Get your hands on DSquared gear HERE.

– brother

With the slim belt and the boots – its perfect.

Perfect example of working plaid into an outfit without it becoming overbearing or dowdy.

Definitely seeing a rugby trend for fall. Pairing the sporty stripes with a tweed blazer takes things from frat boy to trust fund really quick.

Again with a buttoned up look. This is the most fabric we’ve seen at a DSquared2 show in years. I love the simplicity. Two colors – clean and working all accessories together. Perfect.

FNA this jacket is dope. Steal that crew neck sweater /tie combo. That’s a look that would work on anyone.



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