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fashion in motion

Really I’m posting this video because I love to just watch Kate Moss move about life like the twinkling little star that she is. I could honestly just sit and watch her drink coffee all day. That being said, this interview with her about her role as the face of Mango touches on something that I’ve been meaning to comment on lately as I see more and more fashion house websites and fashion oriented blogs evolving day by day. Fashion is quickly becoming more about motion than it is about still photos. Photographers are shooting with both video and film these days at photo shoots – capturing a completely raw and cool new element of their subjects personalities and composure. The result is a new wave of modeling that forces the guys and girls to not only be on for the moment, but to essentially be actors portraying a feeling for the entire shoot. It’s fashion in motion.

This is sure to shake things up in the modeling world as agencies start looking more at those that are “telegenic” rather than “photogenic”. I should also add that while a picture can easily be photo-shopped and lit to perfection – it is much more difficult and expensive to do so on video. Maybe/hopefully this will mean some real women and men being portrayed as perfect – just the way they are – live and on video. Here’s hoping!

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