anything stella does

we could never do better.

She’s so uber talented it’s almost painful … in a painfully amazing way. Chica has her finger on the pulse of all things fashion fabulous and now, she’s taking her uncanny ability to turn everything she touches into gold by introducing a fragrance line. BUT not just any fragrance line…

McCartney is partnering with Gin Lane Media to create a 360 degree experience for every customer with her newest fragrane, L.I.L.Y. – McCartney’s daughter’s name is Lily. The windows at Selfridges‘ (a UK store that we could only ever dream of having!) will display an innovative public art installation that features video content with distinctive interactive features that allow passersby to not only enjoy the installation but also engage with it and alter the display.

UK’ers get to play along with an L.I.L.Y. iPhone and Android app that allows users to create collages and upload them to a collage gallery (we Americans get our own app this October- thank Jiggity).

How excited am I? VERY.

– sister



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