this serpent has a fierce bite

and i like it.

This baby was given to me on Christmas morning by my darling hubby who, can I just say, puts up with all sorts of fashion-related grief. You know, he’s the lucky benefactor of the usual (or maybe not so usual for the rest of you) back and forth list of delights for this occasion and that. He almost always complies and for this, I am one lucky b*tch. 😉

Let’s start from the beginning, though… I was at a Louis Vuitton and Hamilton Jeweler’s event hosted by Neil Soohoo and laid my eyes on this piece. “Whaaaaaaat? Who makes that?” “It’s vintage Atelier Mignon,” Daniel Farley replied, “and so YOU.” Indeed. Vintage brass with emeralds and diamonds, this little snakey poo had me at “hiss.”

Cut to, me running home dropping hint after hint and husband inquiring behind my back (though it’s never really behind my back as I practically live at Hamilton’s), but I digress… the lovely treasure had been shipped back to Atelier Mignon to be promptly wrapped around the designer’s wife’s lucky wrist. Who was the lucky b*tch now? Boo.

“It’s gone forever. Sorry, love.” Daniel was sympathetic, but alas she was gone. Or so I thought… Somehow, some way, my lovely Daniel brought the snake slithering back to Sac and called my husband to inform him of the delightful turn of events. Done and done.

I love it. I wear it almost everyday. It is such a beautifully unique piece and lucky for me, one of a kind. Or, is it? Some lucky gal can have a recreated version of my bracelet in gold for $38,000. True, true! Atelier Mignon has many more where this little gem came from, if snakes aren’t your thing. Go see our friends at Hamilton Jewelers if you don’t believe me. You are sure to find a magnifique` piece or two on your way out the door.

As always, tell them S|B sent you.

– sister


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