painted head to toe

welcome to the monochrome zone

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see all the monochromatic themes tramping down the runway during spring/summer 2012 fashion week. I have been rocking grey on grey, blue on blue and so on since I was old enough to dress myself – and have been getting roused for it all the way. Sweet sweet redemption. My bf once actually said to me “dressed all in grey huh? Just like your personality”. Needless to say I use this memory as artillery for any time I need something done. Personal life aside…hehe

Monochromatics are a fun trend that is pretty easy to pull off. Simply make sure that your colors are vibrant and contrasting. You either need to be in entirely the same shade, or wear a bright purple shirt for example with a deep purple trouser. If your colors are faded or close but not quite the same color you will simply seem effort-less rather than effortless. Go on, give it a try. Remember that good style requires confidence and that the fashion ho hums of the world will no doubt give you shit. Just rock it and relish the moment when they show up two weeks later in essentially the same outfit. Trailblaze people!

– brother

Kris Van Assche, Costume National Above


Dolce and Gabbana

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