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1970’s surf culture

There are those that dress in a signature style nearly all the time. Think Liza, Dolly and even Steve Jobs. It’s one way to stand out in a crowd and be noticed – simply do something long enough and it becomes your “style”. Others, particularly those known for being style icons, tend to think more in terms of looks and concepts. With our style clients, its often more about creating concepts and then working our way into the final look and eventually selecting individual articles of clothing. Take Madonna for example. You would probably never take a cashmere sweater and associate it with her, but in the context of her selling her children’s book the English Rose during her stodgy old english woman phase, the item worked within the context of the overall story she was trying to tell. In essence that is the difference between style and fashion. Fashion is the clothing itself. Fashion is meant to evoke emotion and create a sort of mood or note, but a single item rarely tells an overall story on its own. Style is about the entire concept. We use fashion to create that style. And here I am rambling again…

SO, the point of this post is to encourage you, dear reader, to start looking at your wardrobe and your sartorial life in terms of style rather than fashion. Try not to simply buy clothes because you like them individually, but build story boards or looks within your wardrobe and select items that help you achieve those looks. Right now I am transitioning through a period of heavy 1950’s and 60’s inspired looks (my pompador and skinny ties have been getting a lot of wear) to a more laid back and beachy 1970’s feel. I’ve chopped my hair, laid out my chambray shirt and am ready chill out – bro. Below is a stream of consciousness inspiration board of what I’m feeling lately. If you’re into it, check out my friend Doug Birnbaums Surf Photography for more inspiration and head to to get yourself some styley surf gear.

– brother

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  1. carolyn says:

    I want to do this too. How do I get started!?

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