girls take a cue from the boys

less is more… or is it?

Runways across the board are showcasing a look that is muted and even. Eyebrows are filled – no gaps to be seen – and the bushier, the better. Lips are nude with maybe a smudge of sheen. Eyeshadow is luminescent in beige or cream and some stylists are even delicately brushing vaseline upon the eyelids for a glistening, natural effect. The idea? To mimic that of our male counterparts and bring on an androgynous, less tried approach to our beauty. It seems strange… you know, using makeup to look “natural.” A bit counterintuitive, but alas, all the rage.

Will you be sporting this look on the streets? Do tell.

– sister

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1 Response to girls take a cue from the boys

  1. My all time favorite kind of makeup. I love the look of clean, dewy skin with just a HINT of color. Gorgeous!

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