can i have this please?!

it’s like a wolverine dream

Saw these at Union Made this morning and just about died. They are the perfect boots. I love them in every color. The construction of this “100 mile boot” is so solid and beautiful and the knowledge that they are benchmade in the US makes me feel secure that the price (about $350) is well worth the investment. Ugh – now I just need to find an extra 350 bucks laying around somewhere…

– brother

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2 Responses to can i have this please?!

  1. Jason powers says:

    That light tan pair made me weak!

  2. Alex says:

    I just ran across your blog and love it so far. Very simple and not too culture heavy with the who is wearing what lingo. But I do have just a small edit. The Wolverine boot is a 1000 mile boot not 100 mile boot. I own a pair of the wingtip style or the Addison and could not ask for more from my boots. I’m doing a photo history of them as we speak. Thanks!

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