rock n roll stops the traffic

badass t-shirts are back

I’ve got to be honest – I’ve been on a long hiatus from anything graphic at all. My style tends to be a strange blend between new england classic and mad max. The one thing that runs through is that I never ever wear labels and I tend to block my outfits in single colors without much pattern or print. Lately however I’ve been feeling a little more rock and roll than normal. There are few fashion choices more simple and fun than a pair of great jeans and an old worn out concert tee. Throw on your grandpa’s old boots and you are set for practically any casual occassion. I love it.

The absolute greatest musician ever to live. Miss Dolly.

Now if you’re going to go down this road I tend to prefer a little bit of irony and a lot of over the top. Don’t get all moody and broody. Go for BIG faces in Technicolor and bands that are either embarrassing or completely not rock n roll. My favorite is my Dolly Parton T-shirt from her last epic concert at the Hollywood Bowl (pictured above). Go with your heart people. I’m giving you fashion permission to have a little fun.

– brother

Aerosmith – about as true rock as I’d get. But a pretty cool shirt.

Freddie Mercury for $24.00? Yes please.

Mariah at $35.00 this is like the ridiculous holy grail.

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