hats like your grandpa wore…

actually, hats that your grandpa did wear!

These days everything is “vintage inspired”. Literally you can’t step into a store be it J Crew or Alexander McQueen without finding something that doesn’t directly resemble something that you would find in your Grandfathers closet. For most items this is a great thing, but in one fashion facet, designers are still catching up to the trades work of yester-year. In my opinion that lacking skill is millinery. Don’t go running to your thesaurus – I’m talking about Hat making.

I am a person that loves a good hat. I have dozens of them and like to incorporate them into outfits whenever I can. A well made and properly fit hat adds drama to any ensemble and honestly makes me feel a certain je ne sais quoi that adds a little kick to my step. For those looking to add a similar verve to their fashion feelings, I suggest buying vintage. Etsy is loaded with cool finds under $100.00 from practically every era. Remember that vintage is a fancy way of saying old, so be sure to bring your finds to a dry cleaner and have it freshened up before wearing. I’ve even had the lining changed out of a vintage fedora – just so I felt a little more “squeaky clean”. You can make these minor adjustments for just  few dollars (usually $25 or so), a small price to pay for hundreds of dollars of savings. Some of my favorite Etsy finds below.

– brother

1950’s Pork pie in felt. $48.00 

1970’s BeeGees pom pom beanie. The runways were full of these this season. $25.00

Vintage Navy Cap. $20.00

Molded Ivy Cap. $15.00


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