least wanted

a look at arresting style

I was sitting waiting for my haircut at the FSC barber in San Francisco, this little hipster barber shop that I love because of it’s no frills approach at a man’s haircut and also because they offer a straight razor shave and something called the “hangover cure” that you just have to experience to understand how good it is. While I was there I borrowed a book from the guy behind the register called “Least Wanted” which was a compilation of mug shots from the 1840’s and the subsequent era. The thing was absolutely fascinating on many levels, but for our purposes, the style in both haircuts of men and women, eyewear, hats, layering and more was so palpable and natural that I really had to take note. These days the americana hipster wannabe’s try to throw-back to the days of the barbary coast and panning for gold, but these pictures were not only of the real deal people of that time, but the biggest bad asses among them. It’s a style bible of a different kind and one that I definitely recommend. This is a guaranteed conversation starter for any coffee table. Buy it at amazon HERE.

– brother


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