re-think flannel

it’s not just for hunting anymore

With the new year upon us, the frost will soon be melting off our lawns and the winter chill will quickly be traded in for fresh spring breeze. Dressing for spring can be pretty challenging, especially for those who live in places like San Francisco or Sacramento, where the weather is ever changing and one never knows just how hot or cold the day will be. The challenge is to wear light weight clothing in layers that can both keep you warm in a chill and that breathes well enough to not have you sweating to death when the sun comes up. My go to fabric? Believe it or not – it’s flannel. Not the super thick variety that one would wear skiing, but the new more modern version that comes in truly light weight and flowing thickness with a soft brushed feel and most often then not in plaid and checks that work their way nicely into both my work and casual wardrobes. Take Jason Sudekis above. This is an easy way to take the plaid comfort and combine it with traditional suiting that is at once playful and sophisticated, while not sacrificing comfort.

David Beckham carries this idea through to a casual look by adding a cashmere cardigan to the ensemble and roughing things up a bit with distressed jeans and some classic motorcycle boots. Its an option that transitions perfectly from day to night and something that really anyone can pull off. Below are some of my favorite options available in a range of prices and designers.

– brother

Bathing Ape – $239.00

Gant Rugger – $75.00

Vince – $175.00

Won Hundred – $129.30


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One Response to re-think flannel

  1. Bill Hansen says:

    I have an extensive flannel/plaid shirt collection, despite my critics. This is why I like you Mike, you validate my style. 🙂

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