merci herve`!

leger makes his spring 2012 collection is feroce`!

I’m not particularly a fan of the standard rich bitch uniform. Herve Leger (founded by Herve Leroux, a French designer, in 1985) has become just that over the years. It’s not that his designs aren’t pretty because they are… it’s just they’re not (correction: were not) original for very long.

Some would argue the brand lost whatever ingenuity it may have had from its start when Max Azria purchased the brand from Seagram’s Group in 1998. The pricey bandage dress that everyone in Tinseltown has been photographed in and every rag magazine has featured and has been knocked off and beaten down to a point of irrelevance. Sorry, but it’s true…

until now. I’m happy to say that Herve Leger Spring 2012‘s Ready to Wear collection has a hearty helping of drool worthy and incredibly original pieces. Still bandaged onto your body like a pair of Spanx, but hey, we wouldn’t have it any other way would we?

Fierce and sexy, but still fashionable and something that isn’t easily knocked off at Bebe (not that I have a problem with Bebe… okay, maybe just a little and it’s only because their sizes only seem to fit 12 year old girls, but I digress). You all know how I hate me some knock-offs.

So, here’s the slideshow of my faves. Will you be bringing home some Herve`?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

– sister


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