anything you can do…

…He can do better, apparently.

While the idea of a push-up bra certainly isn’t a revolutionary idea these days, this ad campaign is. Hema, a Dutch department store, took the illusion of the push-up bra to new heights (yes, pun intended) when they cast a male (yes, MALE!) model to sport their newest line of push-up bras.

With a marketing strategy like this, the company’s claim that the Mega Push-Up Bra can boost one’s bust by 2 full cup sizes definitely can’t be discounted or ignored, seeing as model Andrej Pejic goes from being a natural no-cup to, seemingly, a B-cup instantly. Note: Avert your virgin eyes if you don’t like to look at male “bubbies” (to quote Teresa Giudice).


So small-chested ladies – and now gentlemen, as well – never fear, a tried and true miracle bra is here. (And talk about a huge step in the gender equality sector!)

– S|B


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