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get used to it. 

As many of you have read over the last six to eight months, I have been aggressively looking for a new pair of Rx glasses that I could comfortably wear in all of the varying facets of my life without concern. My last two  pairs of glasses had come from Ralph Lauren and featured both black and brown elements that would allow me to rock basically whatever I wanted without worrying about matching belts, shoes, suits etc. The time has come however that I must change my prescription (single tear for getting old) and while I’m at it, maybe change my look.

Finally, I found a new pair that fit all of my requirements: durable frame that I can throw in my pocket and not worry, high end design that looks great with suits, casual enough look to wear with jeans and a t-shirt, and color versatile. The pick above is of my brand new Oliver Peoples Clear frame Emerson glasses with an ash grey tint. I love these glasses because they totally change the way I look without completely dominating my face. Most options available in clear right now are in a yellowish tint, while these (yet to be released 😉 have a neutral natural look to them that works much better with a grey, blue, black & brown color pallet that fits my and most mens wardrobes. I love them!

I think that the trend will be moving away from heavy dark framed glasses and will move toward more invisible style frames like thin wire options and acrylic plastic. It will slowly start to happen over the next year or so, but mark my words, it’s happening. If you are in the market for a new pair, keep this blog in mind and resist the temptation to buy a madmen inspired pair of nerd glasses. That trend is quickly dying.

– brother

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