one step at a time

prajaa is changing footwear

It’s an off pairing. There are two guys behind the relatively new footwear brand prajaa –  one’s a furniture designer turned cobbler and the other is an indonesian pianist. Naturally, their brand is inspired, created and developed in both Jakarta and New York. That’s normal right? Nope. Adding to their unusual project is their use of Indonesian fine leather, a rare naturally colored cotton only found in Indonesia called Iawa and a painstaking attention to detail with the use of hand painting techniques and even wax overlays on laces and lace holes. The result is a traditional new york look with an international, high fashion and overall charming line of shoes that give a certain fun spirit to any outfit. Yet to open their own online shop, their stuff is available on a few different websites and at shops in NY, LA and a few other spots. Find more info HERE. Also good to know is that prajaa hires almost exclusively at risk teens and trains them as cobblers and in other areas of the business. The goal is to teach this new generation (prajaa actually means generation) that “giving is equally as important as earning”.

– brother

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One Response to one step at a time

  1. mom says:

    These are really nice. Love the silver wingtips.

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