ugg my god

our old aussie mate is worth another look

Alright, stop it right there. If you’re like any of my buddies from college, you’re already rolling your eyes at the thought of buying a pair of uggs. Immediate thoughts of Britney spears holding a 20 oz mocha frapachino and shlepping around hollywood in a pair of oversized puffy boots comes to mind. The truth is, this initial ridiculous impression was pretty fair for a while there, but over the years, Ugg has evolved into a footwear and apparel company that is definitely worth taking another look.

First off, the reason drunk debutants everywhere loved their uggs, is that every item in their collection is literally swoon inducingly comfortable. Now with boots that rival styles from Alden and Florheim and Red Wing, you can feel the ugg goodness without looking like a complete weirdo. Honestly – take a look at some of my picks below. I think you’ll be surprised by not only how stylish they are, but also how affordable. Buy online or find a retailer near you HERE.

– brother

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