the new holiday sweater

How to not look like a middle school teacher this year

Unless the invitation specifically calls for an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” I strongly encourage you to resist temptation this year. I’m all for a day of dress up in goofy clothes to bring out the cheer, but I also fear that too often than not, the embarrassing ensembles I see around town are a bit more laugh at me funny than laugh with me…

With that said, let me offer a simple plan. Holiday parties call for two main staples in a man’s wardrobe. Option one is the safe route – a button up and a blazer. Go for fabrics with a little weight to them like tweed or corduroy and choose a crisp clean oxford with either jeans or khakis. Done and done. Option two is the traditional holiday sweater. It’s cozy, comfortable and cute, if and only if you do it right. My advice is to keep things fitted and more importantly, stay away from traditional holiday motifs like red, green and that awful snowflake pattern. Feeling sassy? Kick it up a notch in a bright hugh that screams yuletide cheer – and no one will be accusing you of being Mr. Scrooge.

– brother

Stripes are a great way to keep things festive without being over the top. Pastel blues and greens are holiday without being full on christmas elf. By Burberry Brit at Mr. Porter.

Have yourself a merry edgy christmas in this sporty almost nautical crew neck by mcqueen. The navy stripes tone down the red and keep things funky without being too out there.

A chunky collared cable knit is a great way to get the volume and comfy factor that everyone wants on christmas without having to sport a full on housecoat. This cirilian blue by Etro is electric and calming at the same time. You can rock it as the snow prince on christmas and then keep wearing it throughout the season without feeling like a cheese ball. Versatility people!

This is as close to holiday traditional as I’ll get. Gant makes classic clothes, and for this reason, this pinkish red hue still works in my book. This sweater can be worn under a blazer, rolled up to expose cuff from a blue or green button up, wrapped around your waist for a layered look or just rocked straight up. It is a classic – perfect for the holiday or any day.

Another Burberry Brit pick, this is the classic scoop neck in alternative colors. BB is great for taking the basics and infusing them with a little life. You can find similar looks from Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfigger and even Gap.


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One Response to the new holiday sweater

  1. marisa says:

    i am soooo having an ugly holiday sweater party next year… will you come love?!

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