no excuses baby

we’re staying fit for the Holidays. 

Every year the same challenge presents itself. Day after day boxes of sees candy are delivered to our offices, some heartless woman from HR thinks it would be nice to bake apple pie and leave it in the break room, the grocery store starts putting home style cookies and eggnog on special and on display – and the little cuddly fat girl inside of you starts bursting from within to come out and play. For most americans, the holidays are all about family, food and unfortunately – fat.

This year I am determined to combat my desires to sit at home watching the family stone while eating a pint of candycane ice cream. In order to do this, I believe the only way to maintain will power is to counter point all of the negative motivations that are keeping me from the gym. How will I do this? By buying all new shiny and beautiful work out gear, just in time for the holidays, so that I will be so excited to try it out, and it won’t feel like a chore! Sounds stupid right? Well I can tell you that I did this last year just after Thanksgiving and it was just the right push to not only get me through christmas and New Years, but had me going for a run at 8am on Christmas morning. Talk about a Christmas Miracle! With the hope that my shop-spiration will help you too conquer the christmas chubbies, I have included pics and links to many of the items I intend to “gift” myself this year. We can do this people – just because we love Santa Clause does not mean we have to have the same body type.

– brother

New ShoesNike Free’s for lifting and training days and UA Charge for running and rowing. Both are ultra light, super supportive and the coolest looking of the bunch this year. Major motivation.


New Sports Tech! – InCase arm band for my iphone 4s. Stretchy, comfortable and convenient. Nike Fit Kit – to help me track my workouts, measure my distance running and even set my music to my pace. Amazing. Phillips head phones – with built in mic and controls, but best of all hook style placement to keep them from falling out on my runs. All three of these items are at the apple store. 

Shorts and under shortsNike makes great soccer style shorts. These are their arsenals. Soccer shorts are cut high and usually very light weight. They are perfect for the gym and meant for moving around a ton. For leg days I love Under Armor O series Boxer Jock. For one they keep exposure to a minimum when your lying horizontal on a leg stack. They are also super breathable, offer compression for those heavy lifts and also have scent technology that keeps you smelling fresh. The third pic is nike’s triathlon swim trunks. For those that like to swim competitively but don’t necessarily want to rock a speedo at 24 hour fitness, these are a great alternative that can be worn as compression shorts too – if you are planning a workout before your swim.

New Shirts! Believe it or not, sleavless shirts are not only more practical for range of motion in the gym, but they are by in large the most flatering type of shirt a person can wear. They pull attention away from your mid section and make anyone with even a moderate gun show going on, look really pretty buff. Option one is by Lulu lemon and has  silverscent technology so you can sweat without the stink. Option two is by Underarmour and is my favorite style workout tank – in that it’s cut runner style but is in a mesh material keeping things chaffe free.

Cool outer wear – On the way to the gym or on those cold days when you need extra layers, these are my top pics. Nike’s Live Strong training pants, Tiro pant by Adidas and these awesome team themed track and soccer jackets also by adidas.

And just because I’m worth it – New fast dry training gloves that are – Washable! And lululemon’s – best towel ever – the skidless has grips on one side to keep you from slipping on your yoga mat, or in my case to keep the damn thing from falling off the bench and onto the nasty floor.



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