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A few days ago sister posted a pic of the two of us online (see below) with me sporting my new super high hair – a la Jeremiah Brent (above). Tired of slicking things back or trying to make my mop look contained, I finally decided to let that sucker bust out and reach for the sky. I’ve gotta say, the look has not only saved me a lot of time, but I’m finding that this james dean meets 90210 coif is a lot more versatile than I though. I rock it high and messy in both a suit and jeans. It dresses up and down easily and definitely stands out in a crowd of basic crew cuts and mad men do’s. After a couple of email requests and accusations of hours spent with a blow dryer in front of my mirror, I’ve decided to share the method I use to get these long locks standing on end – without the use of a blow dryer.

First, wash your hair and towel dry. Get down to the root and try to get all of the moisture out. Any water weight will keep things falling down. Next take a dime sized amount of Baxter of California’s clay pomade, rub it into your hands and start applying to your hair until your whole coif is reaching for the sky. Baxter’s is the best hold I’ve found without making your hair crunch, drying things out or giving it too much shine. The mat finish is perfect. Buy it or find a local retailer HERE.

The next step isn’t 100% neccessary, but for that little extra umpf I use Moroccan Oil styling cream. This magic cream keeps your hair super hydrated and also helps to separate the hair pieces for those messier days, and also reduces the fly aways that are inevitable with longer hair. I use a tiny ammount (no more than a dime) and rub it in all over the surface of the hair. The result is a tall pomp that wont wobble in the wind, but that you can still run your fingers through with no issues. No blow dryer needed. You’re welcome. ;).

– brother



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