disappearing act

stand out this spring by blending in

While virtually every trend this spring revolves around color and pattern – the true looks standing out in the crowd are the ones that do just the opposite. As any sisbro reader well knows that I am a big fan of the monochromatic ensemble. With this in mind, one can imagine my excitement as I found quite a few designers offering muted collections in creams, whites, beige and grey. The reason mono-chromatics create such a chic look is that the focus shifts to the texture of the fabrics you wear, and allows for the shape and tailoring to stand out. I love rocking this look with one signature contrasting accessory. Add a black Derby or a pair of bright blue brogues and take this mellow mood to an ironic cool that looks effortless.

– brother

Gucci gives a tailored clean version above. Damir Doma (in header) goes all the way with volume.

Kris Van Assche starts and finishes the look with a black exclamation point. Tre modern.

Lanvin combines active wear with sportswear for a true casual cool

Louis Vuitton perfection. Shorts and an aviator jacket is how you wear shorts without looking like your 12. Again with the accessories – that blue bag would look amazing with anything.

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