a vested interest

how to pull it off without looking like a banker

It’s a hard look to pull off without either looking or feeling like a complete poser from 2002. Let’s face it, the open vest went out of style with the likes of boy bands and frosted tips. It was tough for us to say bye bye bye – but for our dignity and our children – we had to.

Well, good news! The casual vest is Back and better than ever. The key is to wear options that are made from natural fabrics like cotton and wool. Absolutely no synthetics and if there is even a hint of sheen or shine – just say no. Sheen, both Charlie and otherwise is a fashion – no no. The other important factor is fit. Go for the slimmest and smallest size that fits (aka the buttons aren’t bursting). The idea is keep things tight to the torso and the length cutting off just above the waist. Rock a henley style flannel or a fitted button up in a contrasting pattern. The idea is to keep things rustic, natural (as far as colors go) and casual. The vest is a big statement, so be careful to not over do it with your other accessories. Ready to try it? Check out some of my faves below:

– brother

Oliver Spencer – $385.00 at Union Made 

 Levi’s Double Sided Hunting Vest $219.00

 Shades of Grey – $99.00 at Bloomingdales

 Union Made Indigo – Golden Bear Vest$265.00 


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