dior homme for the holidays

bring it with pilgrim chic this weekend

As we all watch the clock on wednesday – hoping to get off a little early so we can head home for that annual eat-a-thon we call Thanksgiving – lets take a moment to consider the fashion opportunities that will present themselves. While it might be tempting to opt for a pair of pants of the elastic waist variety, lets not forget that Thanksgiving weekend is one of those special times of year that you will no doubt run into your first high school girlfriend while picking up bread roles at Safeway for your mom. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not be wearing a pit stained under shirt and pajama bottoms when that “I’m doing really great, things have never been better” conversation happens.

Enter the Dior Homme Spring 2012 collection – aka Pilgrim Chic. From a fashion standpoint, I have to admit that this collection was not one of my favorites of the year, but honestly – there is no better option for a day like Thanksgiving. I mean look at these guys. It’s Like Kris Van Assche (the designer) was imagining a mayflower voyage meets s&m party when he put this stuff together. From the wide brimmed hats to the deconstructed vests and leather cuffs, Dior homme is sure to have you perfectly fitted in an outfit that says – “I feel guilty about the real pilgrim/indian story – so I’m just going to gorge myself and pretend that history was more like a Disney movie”.  What more could you ask for? Ok fine – who am I kidding – go ahead and wear your “thanksgiving pants” – you deserve the day off!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are so Grateful for all of our readers and supporters – you guys are the best and make being a part of sister|brother so much fun!

– brother


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