the sexiest men alive

people unveils the hottest list of the year

So this post is less about style than it is about gratuitous shots of the hottest men of the year. That’s right – People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue has hit stands and we’ve got all the details. This years top man is none other than the smoking Bradley Cooper. The issue gets into everything you could possibly want to know about Mr. Cooper including his deodorant (old Spice), his first crush (Linda Evans) and what he wears to bed (nothing!). Want more details? Head to or to your local newstand to pick up the red hot issue. Just want to look at more sexy pics of Bradley and the rest of this years nominees? Check out the gallery below. You’re welcome – happy Monday!

– brother

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p.s. Did you hear that Ryan Gosling Fans had over a 1000 people protesting this issue in New York because they thought he was robbed? Even George Clooney and Brad Pitt chimed in that they had been grooming gosling all year for the top prize. Hilar. Maybe next year RG.


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One Response to the sexiest men alive

  1. anne says:

    i think ewan mcgregor should win!hes defintntly the hottest man in the world and that will never change!!!

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