all give. no take

prvcy is nothing to keep private about

I love it when something I buy anyway turns out to be a company I should have been supporting all along. For this weeks final “all give. no take” installation, this is exactly what happened. I’ve been buying prvcy premium denim for a few years now. I love their denim for times when I need what I call “dude jeans”. What this means basically is that most of the prvcy jeans are made for jock bodies. They are cut for a bootie and thick thighs on guys, and tend to give the skinny ladies a curvier j-lo-esque mistique thanks to its curved leg and signature pocket. The jeans are very cool and comfortable and as is the case when those two things come through – they are very popular with the celebs too.

Not only are these jeans a perfect fit on JLo, Jessica Alba and Selena Gomez, they’ll have you saying “thanks for the mammaries” when you realize that 25% of your prvcy purchase goes directly to breast cancer research and organizations that provide free mamograms to women. Pretty great right?  I’m just saying – now you have an excuse to buy designer jeans and it aint just because Selena Gomez has them. Go get ’em kids. HERE.

– brother


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