all give. no take.

You should be buying what this man is selling.

We all know Kenneth Cole. He’s a household name and a fashion icon known for his eye brow raising ad campaigns and affordable chic shoes and apparel. What many don’t know is that Kenneth Cole is also one of the most influential and consistently dedicated figures in the fight against aids. Having been on the board of AmFar (the American Foundation for AIDS Research) since 1987 and now currently serving as the chairman of the board, Cole quietly matches every dollar donated to the foundation year after year (up to $100,000.00). That’s no small gesture.

Not only this, but Cole has made it his personal and professional mission to promote awareness and education regarding the AIDS epidemic and has started a special site dedicated to just that. Go to to check it out. His current project is the reinvented AIDS ribbon – on sale now for $25.00.

Whether you buy something specifically marketed on behalf of the cause, or simply buy products from any of his popular lines, you can rest assured that this is a man and brand that takes his responsibility as both a celebrity and a man of great wealth seriously. I for one prefer to give my business to people who deserve it. Go shopping HERE.

– brother

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