all give. no take.

tea collection is for your little citizen of the world

It’s rare that I write about kids brands – so you know their gonna be good. Tea collection is this really fantastic company that makes lines of children’s clothing that are based on various regions around the world. For example right now they are focused on Mexico, and last season it was Japan. The result is a selection of items that are totally unique and distinguishable from the status quo kids wear we find everywhere. The looks are clever, cute, sometimes hilarious, and always well made.

Spain inspired Aztec sweater for your little Diego.

As if this weren’t good enough – Tea is great about giving back to the community too. They are partnered with The Global Fund for Children and give 100% of the profits from their Little Citizens line to their great cause. Not only this, but they are also known for selecting random weeks of their online sales and donating massive percentages to the Global Fund as well. They truly are a company with integrity. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to buy kids clothes that some little booger is going to grow out of in about ten minutes, I’m glad to know that my purchase is going to help some other little squirt in need. Nothing wrong with that. Get to shopping HERE.

– brother

Spain inspired Rag dress. Couldn’t get any cuter.

Something tells me sister already bought this for her girls…

These crack me up. So cute. Skinny leg cargos…

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