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Despite it’s massive size and population, the continent of Africa is only responsible for 2% of the worlds international trade. Once upon a time not too long ago, Africa had a much bigger 6% piece of that pie, the difference of which provided a significant amount of financial and economic stability for a great percentage of the population. Plagued by dozens of issues from AIDS to polluted water systems, that financial stability has continued to plummet as fewer and fewer companies are either willing or able to do business in and out of the continent. What many don’t realize is that if Africa were able to increase their international trade percentage by even 1% – the financial gain to the population would outway all of the international aide received by the continent in a single year. In other words, they need your business more then they need your charity.

In 2005  Bono and Ali Hewson got ahold of this mission and began Edun, a fashion brand that is cultivated, sewn and sold entirely on the continent of Africa. What is more, 100% of the proceeds from this brand go to various charities involved in bettering the communities of it’s people.  What could be better than that? I can think of something…

What started as a single t-shirt promotion, Edun is now a full on high fashion brand offering some of the most chic and fashion forward garments at market. With a full collection of both men’s and women’s apparel – this is not a do-gooder shtick. The clothes are beautiful, tailored and absolutely worth their high fashion price point. Edun stands alone as a fashion brand, not just “good business”. Check out all of their goods HERE and watch the video below for more info on their work.

– brother


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