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It’s that time of year – when the trusty chonies you’ve been wearing all year are starting to look a little busted and faded. That simply wont do. While few might see what your sporting underneath your dapper duds, you know what’s going on down under – and it’s important that what is “going on” is good. For me one of my go to guys for men’s and women’s basics is Bjorn Borg the swedish design house named for the famouse 1980’s tennis phenom.

These days Bjorn is all about basics with a little bam. Everything from punk plaid socks to rocker print long johns, you really can’t go wrong. My favorite is of course their crazy patterned underwear in multiple colors and styles. Buy two and get one free, spend 50 bucks and get a free pair, and just because we love them – shipping is FREE. YES! Get yours HERE. Want to see more cute and crazy pics of peeps in their bjorns – go HERE.

– brother

so much better than basic white hanes.

Punk Check socks are traditional enough to get by but cool enough to feel good.

Print long johns for those cold days or just lounging around the house.

Basic Seixas shoes – in grey and white and super tight.


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