the devil wears pampers?

conde nast takes on children’s books.

The Super Adventures of Sophie and the City: All in a Day’s Work is like my dream come true. Every day (and night) I am required by the law of all that is good in motherhood to read to my children. Often it’s a selection from a ginormously large Disney book. One that I can barely stand to look at any longer because let’s be honest, the majority of these damn Disney princesses make a mockery of female empowerment. I know, who cares? Still, when Conde Nast presented the aforementioned children’s book, I cried a tear or two out of sheer joy. Something I could read and enjoy alongside my babes.

The pint-sized protagonist encounters none other than André Leon Talley (in a Louis Vuitton cloak) and fashion fairy godmother Isaac Mizrahi, who sports Swarovski crystal wings. Formerly with Vogue and Vanity Fair, author Kelly Florio Kasouf knows all about exploring the company’s storied halls—she’s the daughter of former president and C.E.O. of Condé Nast, Steven Florio, and the children’s book is Kasouf’s continuation of a project he started before his passing in 2007. Pick up your copy exclusively atBarneys. So, who’s going to make the movie and can I cast my kids in it? 😉

– sister


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