there’s a trend growing

on your face

That’s right. Leading men everywhere are throwing out their razors and growing into Hollywoods big beard trend. From Ashton to George, from Brad to Zac – the short beard is literally everywhere. The idea is to grow your beard out just enough to be able to run a pair of clippers at #2 or 3 setting. Keep the length close to the face and not stragly (is that a word?). Be sure to keep it neat, cleaning it up around the ears. The current trend is to allow the growth to extend down to the adams apple and to either taper off or simply square off. The one rule to follow is the 3 day test. Allow yourself a long weekend to grow out your beard for three days. If by the third day your beard is full and free of any bald spots, go ahead and keep growing. It should take the average guy a couple of weeks to put together a decent short beard. If you have bald spots, lots of discoloration, or what I call “soft hair” (that hair that looks soft and not bristly) – make sure you abandon the look. Beards are not for everyone. Other than that – I say go for it. Not only will you be in style, but this look will keep you warm during the harsh winter months.

– brother


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