just a girl at the florist…

with some of her favorite things.

It’s amazing what an imagination will do when you allow it to go wild. Lauri Levenfeld, owner of Zoom Photography, and I decided it was time to collaborate, but this time, just for fun. Lauri is so talented it doesn’t take much for me to take a day to play.

I love editorial work. I love the essence behind it. The ability to take that which seems ordinary and transition into a world of fantasy. And so we began…

Balshor Florist is a family owned business based in the heart of Land Park, a quaint neighborhood in Sacramento, California. The store is kitschy and honest and it told a story before we even entered.

The Balshor family founded this store in 1950 and has been serving a loyal clientele ever since. Al and Marie Balshor are just about the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet. Between this happily married couple and their bustling brood, all of which work at the store in one way or another, I couldn’t help but hunker down right then and there. Besides, they’re Portuguese, like my family. It felt like home.

When selecting wardrobe for the shoot, it was easy. I buy key pieces every season– between 3-4 that I know will be worn with love and dedication through that given time period. For me, this Fall, I had two fabulous finds I wanted to share with my fellow fashionistas — my turquoise fur vest by Adrienne Landau that I picked up at Intermix on my last shop trip and my black fringe Prada handbag that I purchased at Nordstrom.

The handbag is one I purchased last season (but late in the season and never really got much use) so it has been resurrected with the love only a mother could have for her fugly child. No, it’s fabulous and it took a lot of camera time. As it should.

The fur vest, well, it’s just amazing. It’s soft and warm and brilliant. No really, it’s a deep and yet bright blue. If the sun hits it just the right way, it illuminates and becomes the conversation piece no matter where I am. And I’m sorry, but I know this trend is one that will soon perish along with the animal that eventually became my vest. As heartless as it may sound, I enjoy wearing it immensely and plan to embrace this fur-freedom for as long as I am allowed. Fur, like leather, never goes out of style. It just eventually, like all political tides, shifts into a land of “no no.” I am definitely saying “yes yes,” people.

I wanted to portray an image that tells my story. I’m a fashion stylist who sees fashion in fluorescent orange ribbon and Bronco decorated Christmas trees. It’s true! I love architecture and so the defining, chevron roof lines and frosted glass of this 1950’s building made me swoon. I also see an organic beauty to choosing a location and a business that thrives off of dedication, commitment and family. I was honored to be photographed with the owners of Balshor Florist. It really was a fantastic day.

Of course there were handfuls of predictable (oh the irony– those that don’t know me wouldn’t understand that absolutely nothing I pick is predictable) “sister pieces” that I incorporated into my looks throughout the shoot – turquoise nylon socks, studded Christian Louboutins, black Derek Lam booties and my longtime lover, the beaded necklace I had made by the Bead Fetish for a shoot a few months back.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that’s my Fall wardrobe story. What’s yours?

Ps. Buy your flowers at Balshor Florist and get delivery for FREE. That’s right. Good, honest people. Love them.

Balshor Florist 2661 Riverside Blvd. Sacramento, CA. (916) 441-3023

– sister

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