if you’re going to wear sweatpants

wear these

I came down with strep this weekend. It’s not only no fun to feel like crapola, but with strep you aren’t allowed to be around anyone either. Isolation is a surefire way to guarantee that I’ll be spending hour upon hour shopping online. As I sat around the house in my sweats searching the internet, I came across another pair of sweats that I really wished I had been wearing. This awesome slim pants in red blue and green have this really cool bolt decal that I just love. Needless to say, I deserved them so much that I had them overnighted to my house and am wearing them as I write. Let me tell you – these suckers are not only cool but SOFT. Get your own in various styles HERE at Aviator Nation.

– brother

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One Response to if you’re going to wear sweatpants

  1. Howard says:

    Thanks a heap for this post, glad to see there are still some excellent writers around the web!

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