are you ready for a reformation?

this NY/LA based boutique line is re-thinking fashion.

Reformation first gained my attention when they opened a couple of fabulously chic boutiques in NY (ludlow street) and LA (West 3rd) and began selling a really interesting and unusual collection of designs made from almost entirely deadstock and vintage materials. The idea was to no longer succumb to the constrains of the traditional fashion schedule – producing a new line every season and creating more and more waiste as you go. What they chose to do instead was to scour literally every salvation army, deadstock warehouse and vintage store from LA to NY to find items that could be re-tooled into original, stylish and conscientious articles of clothing. The result was a wildly popular womens line – now available in stores and also at shopbop and other locations. Now, a few years later, the folks at Reformation are about to launch their much anticipated menswear line – that is sure to strike the same cool chord that their brand is known for. No doubt it will only be available in stores for a while, so get your booties to LA or NY to find them. If it does go online soon – I’ll keep you posted, but I just had to share the good word about reformation. It’s not every day that fashion comes out with a conscience.



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