g-shock to the heart

start your engines, it’s a full on trend

Remember when everybody was wearing those ridiculously giant faced watches? Jacob the Jeweler was some bedazzled watch maker to the rich and famous that we all had to hear about, and suddenly skinny white boys everywhere were rocking wrist wear only appropriate for say Puff daddy – and even only on stage at that? Luckily that trend went away with the 2000’s leaving a void in the market for another statement making look. Enter G-shock.

Not a new product by any means, G shock was introduced to the world as Casio’s homage to motorcycle sport, made with black resin and fitted to resemble disk breaks from a conventional bike. The G-shock is designed to handle and resist anything, offering 200M water resistance, sport shock resistance and a slew of sport oriented features including a 1/1000th second stop watch.

The look is chunky, masculine and rough and looks fantastic with really anything but evening wear. I think of it as a throw back to the 80’s tech watches we all used to wear (you know you had a calculator watch at some point) – which for me is a good thing. Geeky = sexy. Ranging from the low 100’s to the high 2’s – the price point is right on. Get yours HERE.

– brother

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