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513 is my new #1 girl

I’ve been a 514 guy for years. The slim fit and the 17″ opening at the leg has always given me enough room to let my boys breath while sill giving that hipster kid all grown up effect that I tend to gravitate toward for nights out on the town. When the 511’s came out a few years ago, the super skinny trend burst like a bubble, getting on everything and taking the matchstick look to a whole other level. With their 14 1/2″ opening at the leg and a super skinny silhouette through the seat and thigh, I have resorted to buying these suckers two sizes bigger than normal, just to get my post 30 thighs in their new designer sausage casing. That moment of wanting to fit in with the youngsters was fleeting and I quickly went running back to my beloved 514’s.

Yesterday I found myself in my local Levi’s store trying on the latest in their modern cut, uber affordable line – the 513. Let me tell you, a happy place has been found between grandpa pants and Justin beiber. The 513’s offer a slightly slimmer and lower cut at the waiste as well as a more contoured seat and thigh, without getting so skinny that you need to lube up just to get in (minds out of the gutter people). With the leg opening at 15 1/4, the 513 hits that slim look right on the head without sacrificing comfort or for anyone over 30 – dignity. Naturally I bought my first pair and rocked them out dancing last night. So far they are win. I’ll keep you posted. At $58.00 bucks, I see no reason why you shouldn’t give them a go either. Get yours at your local Levi’s or HERE.

– brother

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