don’t let this guy scare you away

gold is where it’s at.

For centuries gold was the ultimate symbol of security, strength, value and sophistication. Men wore gold wedding rings, cufflinks, tie bars and more. At some point however, this guy showed up and completely ruined things for the rest of us!

Gold may have been taken over by the guidos and guidettes, but that shouldn’t discourage men from choosing the traditional gold route. The one rule I’ve got regarding mens accessories is to choose a metal and go with it. If you are a silver guy or a platinum, keep with one color pallet at a time. If you do decide to go gold, go all the way (cuffs, watch, ring, tie bar, etc – it should all match). For those that aren’t married, there is more flexibility to switch between silver and gold the way many men switch between black and brown leather. Sorry married dudes, if you have a silver wedding ring, you are basically relegated to silver accessories for the rest of your life. SO, if you are about to go down the isle, choose wisely. This is a trend that is coming back and is bound to stay a long long time. I know if it were me, I’d go for the gold. Below are some cool gold options to get you started. Everything but the rolex can be found on mr porter.

– brother

D&G Tie Bar

Lanvin Cufflinks

Linda Farrow Sunglasses

Vintage Gold Rolex


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