precious metal

silver jeans are worth more than gold

I love a slim cut pair of jeans. I like to rock them rock ‘n roll style with a pair of boots and a loose fit button up. With a wide brimmed hat and my sunnies – this is my grocery store look – not just for “out on the town”, this is every day – Jagger would be proud. That being said, sometimes I gotta let my proverbial hair down and chill it out on the tight pants front. In comes some appropriate man pants, not too tight, plenty of room in the junk and trunk, and just the right amount of comfy to get through a sleepy stroll to starbeezy on a Sunday morning.

Over the years I’ve worn a selection of mediocre man pants for those low fashion comfort days, but the other day I found myself trying on a pair of Silver Jeans new Konrad Dark Wash denim and about broke down weeping. These are the sweet things I’ve been looking for. They fit slim where it matters, loose where we need it and they actually look cool – like legitimately cool! Here are a couple of washes below, and you can buy online HERE. Remember though, check their stockists for stores near you that carry them – brother never recommends online shopping for jeans. Go for the gold people – I mean silver.


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