oh zoe you didn’t

jeremiah brent: fired by rachel but burning hot style

If you don’t recognize this face yet, you soon will. He’s Jeremiah Brent and he’s the hottest new talent gracing the screen of the Rachel Zoe Project. Just a few episodes ago Ms. Z hired this former model (obviously) turned interior designer (pretty good actually), to be her new “Jer-of-all-trades”. The boy came strutting into the Bravo world looking a little bit nervous, but every bit in style. While he didn’t last very long as a stylist, he definitely made an impression – leaving the internet abuzz about his dashing good looks and impeccable style.

His look is casual, early-century workman meets uptown gay. He is a master at layering – sticking to light weight fabrics that flatter his shape without making him look like a tragic west hollywood reject. Scene after scene the kid makes everything work from beanies to blazers – take note boys – JB is a style star to emulate. Mama Zoe, we love you, but I think you missed the mark on this one.

– brother

Rocking the flat bill wide brimmed trilby with a snug but not tight striped shirt. Stripes are a great way to add pattern to a look without having to go overboard with graphic t-shirts or other fugly options. The t-shirt offsets the sometimes costumey look of the trilby and makes it all look effortless and cool.

Somewhat of a signiture JB look – the scoop neck t- under a blazer gives a modern and sexy edge to the tailored effect of a blazer. Layering a Henley in the same monochromatic color family beneath the blazer takes the look to a place thats more daytime than evening. A great look for lunch with friends, an early evening out.

Another example of perfect layering. The idea is all about mixing pieces in various fabrics, all of them light weight and framing your shape. The distressed boots compliment the washed denim shirt and make for a very chic look.

Black on black on black on black. LOVE.

ok, so maybe a little gratuitous, but this is about the hair. High and strong like a pompadour, but matte and just wild enough to look effortless. Its a little reminiscent of our friends from the 90210 days, but then again, those were pretty damn good days.

This is how you rock a beanie. Push the cap back to show just a bit of your hair. This keeps you boho and not hobo. The skinny suspenders over a plaid shirt is unexpected but works because the colors blend and just add texture and dimension. The real edge here though, is in the gold watch. Gold and blue – boom – so good. Rachel on the other hand looks like she escaped the old folks home bingo night. Not so much.


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