ahoy matey

remember nautica?

I know right?! Nautica is totally one of those brands that we were all rocking in the 90’s and then completely forgot about. Their naval -ahem -nautical inspired menswear was the everyman’s accessible and affordable option for looking like you grew up next door to the kennedy’s. Before you knew it though, nautica was adopted by the hip hop kids and started playing their styles to their buyers with oversized everything and over-the-top logo pandering. In short – Nautica got really cheesy.

Out of curiosity and looking for a simple crew neck sweater I took to the Nautica website to see just what they are up to these days. I was happily surprised to find some truly unique and quality pieces among their notoriously label happy graphic t-shirts. The word is that Nautica is by no means a luxury brand, but they are definitely a fantastic option for those staple mix and match pieces that don’t need to be a million dollars to look good. Below is a selection of things that I think are completely stylish and cool and that are well under $100 a piece. You really can’t beat that. Buy HERE. Happy Frugal Friday!


The belt is too much but the shirt is fun and classic on its own.

A tattersal button up is a must have for any guy. These come in a ton of colors and are cheap cheap.

Classic no frills cotton blend trench. Works over a suit or as shown for casual wear.

Boat shoe. Cannot get much better than this.

Every dad is required to own these pajamas. It’s a rite of passage.

Chunky, thick, clean lines, perfect crew neck sweater.


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  1. Bad Icecream says:

    huge post. I just came across your site and wanted to let you know that I have certainly enjoyed browsing your blogs. At any rate I’m going to be following your feed and I hope you’re posting again soon.

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