an indian summer with coyote phoenix


try this on.

So, I meet all sorts of folks along my fashion styling journeys. My last shoot led me to a dirt hill covered in limestone that also happened to produce exquisite tasting wine. A PR team based mainly in New York and San Francisco led to many discussions about who we were, where we came from and what we could do to help eachother in our professions. It’s sort of par for the course, which is why this last shoot led me to a man who’s sister in law (oh 6 degrees of separation) makes fashion-inspired parasols among other ecclectic propping delights. And so we exchanged numbers. This is how I came to know Coyote Phoenix.

Alexandra Coyote-Ransom, an artist and designer based in Los Angeles, became inspired by the earth and its spiritual presence and one’s ability to work with such a powerful canvas. And so Coyote Phoenix was born –  a line of parasols, jewelry and headdresses. I’m telling you that while this stuff is certainly ecclectic, it holds an artistic edge that you simply cannot find anywhere else. It’s beautiful and unique and fulfills many a trend right now. With feathers and natural stones and parasols (they are everywhere, ladies), Coyote Phoenix is spot on.

I am so excited to use these pieces in my next shoot. Check her out and tell me what you think.

– sister


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