american man is back

and so is his hair

Every year in fashion there are new ideas and old ideas. Sometimes it’s the old ideas that really set the tone for an entire movement in fashion. In the last few years the world of clothing and style has become obsessed with the style of our grandparents, dolling out everything from horn rimmed glasses to tie bars as though they are new and exciting concepts. Underneath the dress-up game is an actually exciting notion that the world is ready to embrace the idea that looking like you tried – if even just a little – to look put together before you left the house – is not only proper, but cool. The key to being dressed well and looking smart is of course the detail, the biggest of such details being the man’s coif.

To truly rock a 50’s or 60’s inspired crown, I definitely suggest visiting your local barber rather than a stylist. The trick here is to find a barber who is studied in the skills of straight razor shaving and can offer up a perfect fade with nothing more than a pair of clippers and a comb. These are the guys and gals that our dads and grandad’s trusted, and if you’re going to pay them homage, you might as well pay them cash too. Ask about a shave/cut combo and enjoy an old school indulgeance that should have never gone away. Below are a few of my favorite looks from this period for your perusal.


The classic Pomp – Short on the sides and back. Longer in the front. Pushed up and back in the front. Your bangs should be 3-4 inches – any longer and you get into rockabilly territory.

The Slick Pomp – Same general idea as the classic with a bit more hair and a lot more pomade. I rock this style with slightly shorter sides when at work. The idea is to keep your top longer, tapering off toward the back. Sidewalls are long enough to give that slicked back effect with a  little cool grease.

The Side Part – AKA the Dad cut – Medium length with shorter side walls. Parted on the side and combed across. The look is very leave it to beaver – and requires a certain confidence. For a slightly less dramatic version see below- the Gable.

The Gable – As in Clark. Exactly the same as the Dad cut but brushed up and back at an angle. Not so high to be considered a pompadour but just enough to elongate the face a bit. A very good look.

The Crew Cut – The classic military look. Super short on the sides and a little something on top. The trick is to give a little product on top to get that slight sheen and separation. Grow the top out to about an inch long if you want and comb a straight part in for a dramatic and sharp 50’s style.

The Slick Rick – This is the classic throw some grease in it and pull it back look that mobsters and grandpa’s everywhere have been sporting for years. The modern variation takes the hair and slicks it back at a very subtle angle giving it a little distinction and making you look less like you just jumped out of the shower. Longer hair required.


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