the “not so much” awards

brothers picks for the most ridic moments from fashion week

I love me some fashion week – that I cannot deny. I love the looks, I love the style and I LOVE to laugh when ridiculous outfit after ridiculous outfit comes down the runway. The best part is watching as the glitterati in the front row tries desperately not to bat an eye while some dude walks toward them with a lampshade on top of his head. How can you not laugh at some of this stuff? I’ll let you see if you can try – below.

Happy Monday!

– brother

not sure who is more uncomfortable – him or me. Creepy tiny nipples too. just saying. – ann demeulemeester

this guy is sick and tired of representing the lollipop guild. – commes des garcons

What’s more practical than mesh coveralls? – D&G

this actually went down the runway. A dude in a towel. I mean… – Dirk Bikkemberg

 More like birds of purgatory.  Givenchy.

Lady lane fairchild – is that you? What’s that? You’re a man? ugh. – jw anderson

The Beatlejuice collection by John Waters – Thom Browne


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