attention ladies: how to strut….

without looking like a sl*t.

So, we had an avid reader ask us this simple question, “How does one dress chic and sexy without looking ‘slutty?'” Well, my dear, we are here to tell you that no matter what your boyfriend tells you, if the item of clothing you are wearing is so tight you can see the dimples in your cheeks (and we’re not talking about those cheeks), then it’s probably leaning toward the inappropriate category.

Rule of thumb for the curvy lass, know your body. Understand your body and work its angles with stretchy, forgiving fabrics that will accentuate your curves and not squeeze your curves into a sausage casing. Capisce? If you really want to dress “sexy,” place a limit on the level of body exposure. For example, if you wear a sweetheart bustier up top (all the rage this season), pair it with a pair of high waisted, full-bodied pants. And by full-bodied I mean, loose and flared. Belt the waist and put on some boots. Avoid stripper heels at all costs.


If you want a look that shows off your legs, cover up on top. Mini skirts are great if you’re a size 2 and have long, supple gams. If you don’t, avoid them. Please. Try a mid-length skirt or something that reaches your knee with a bit of a bounce. High-waisted shorts are fine, too. Ballerina skirts are hitting runways hard and are oh so flattering on the average dame. Pair the skirt with a beautiful crew neck cashmere sweater or a sleeveless turtleneck in black or one of my personal favorite looks this season, the tie blouse. Your chest and legs should not be exposed together unless you want to look like a character from “Married with Children.” I didn’t think so.



I’d also like to introduce all women– robust AND thin — to Spanx. It’s a product that will change your life and for God’s sake, buy a pair or two. They even come in full bodied suits. Trust, Sister wears them all of the time and they protect the innocent from all sorts of incandescent insults.


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