a bricksworth of style

2011 fall/winter lookbook 

For those in the know, Bricksworth is one of the best online retailers out there for guys like me, a little grown out of the hipster phase but still not quite ready to admit were old. Bricksworth carries a lot of lines that are harder to find in Norcal like Stussy, Undefeated, Publish, BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS, Deluxe and Shwood and more. While their selections can sometimes seem a little skaterboi at first glance – see wooden frame glasses, original vans sneakers etc., this style of casual wear is in my opinion the best transitional clothing for guys in their late 20’s and 30’s. It’s all about the styling. Their button-ups work well with a pair of fitted chino’s or even under a two button suit. Rock their cool graphic ballcaps with a v-neck sweater at your sons ballgame or button up the biker inspired windbreaker(see below) over some black slacks and a vneck for a cool devil may care vibe.

From the styling done by bricksworth in this lookbook – it appears that I’m not alone in being a fan of this transitional groove. The look is fun, young, not too over the top and definitely current. Get to shopping for your own cool-dad gear HERE, and even if you don’t have a child – if you are around the age your parents were when they had you – it might be time you started to step up your casual wear too.



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  1. Shopper says:

    GOODSTOCK Boutique carries 90% of those brands right here in Sacramento. Support local!


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